Sridevi death and the circus start on TV: A reporter even jumped into a bathtub

The Indian electronic media has been competing with each other on how to grab maximum eyeballs when discussing the death of the actor and increase TRP

Superstar Sridevi's sudden death in Dubai has shocked the film industry with whole country  and fans back home. When it was first reported that the actor had suffered a cardiac arrest, leading to her death, social media was rife with theories about how Botox injections and cosmetic surgeries had led to her early demise.

However, when the Dubai police released the death certificate on Monday, it was revealed that the cause of death was 'accidental drowning'. It's still unclear how Sridevi drowned in a tub. For that, we will have to wait for the postmortem report - if it is shared with the public. That would be the decent thing to do.

But who has the patience to be decent? Certainly not large sections of the Indian media.

While Hindi channel ABP News announced that they would reveal 'Sridevi's last 15 mins in the bathroom' on prime-time news, Aaj Tak had the anchor stand next to the visual of a bathtub with Sridevi's portrait above it.

And this was one advanced level of media creativity a Telugu TV9 had a present visual of Sridevi lying dead in a bathtub, with Boney Kapoor looking on. The channel also ran a 'scene re-creation' with alcohol bottles placed above the bathtub, claiming that Boney Kapoor had not received a 'clean chit' as yet.