Which Zodiac Signs are You are incompatible With?

Published 1 month ago

Aries – Cancer

You have a very clear and strong personality, it will be very strong for a cancer which is more safe and emotional. They require more sympathy and assurance, which you want to give.

Taurus – Leo

You are very patient and responsible. leos have a tendency to be greater high spirited and lively you’re each very cussed on your reviews so compromise and making a decision could be tough for you two.

Gemini – Virgo

You have a curious and curious mind that virgos might be too serious and realistic for you. you like to be spontaneous and the analytical, demanding mind of a virgo would not work nicely with that.

Cancer – Aries

along with your reserved personality, a signal as formidable as aries could be very overwhelming for you. they might not be as patient with you feelings as you want.

Leo – Taurus

Both of you have very strong and different personalities, who will not work so well with your arguments. You are selfless and can be difficult to be with Taurus, who go to the nature and exaggerations of their loved ones.

Virgo – Sagittarius

You want to structure your life, it will not trap with an unexpected sagittarius. Their desire to seek and move them may be incompatible with your organized lifestyle.

Libra – Capricorn

You are a good balance of work and play in life. It will be disappointing that Capricorn is eaten in their work, both of you have their own opinions and will fight to be in charge.

Scorpio – Aquarius

You are very consistent with your emotions. Aquarius is very free and runs with the most emotional expression makes it very difficult for both of you to communicate because you have a hard time believing with your emotions.

Sagittarius – Pisces

you find your peace from tour and hands-on wondering, while pisces is an awful lot extra spiritual and intuitive. if may be tough so that you can communicate due to your now not so similar personalities.

Capricorn – Libra

you want to have down time and be by myself which doesn’t fit with libra’s need to be social. you are very down-to-earth and that could reason headaches with libra’s loose-lively nature.

Aquarius – Scorpio

You are thinking and work is run by ration, on the contrary, Scorpio is inspired by their feelings. When you are motivated by various things, it is difficult for both of you to get common ground and interest. They require a lot of time alone, which can create two friction between you.

Pisces – Gemini

There is something similar between you and Gemini, it is that both of you are in a very indecisive, this is a recipe for disaster. you enjoy your rest and downtime, whereas geminis experience being social.