Do You Have Anxiety?

Anxiety: When we start feeling anxious in general, not a specific to any certain reason and start behaving usual then daily routine, there’s a chance of having generalized anxiety.

It’s normal worry about difficult things that are happening in our lives. But, when we start feeling anxious in general, not specific to any certain event or difficulty and those feelings don’t subside, there’s a chance of having generalized anxiety.

Generalized anxiety anxiety that is going on but unrelated to any specific reason. Generalized anxiety can be related to something that should not be a cause for anxiety, like, going to the store or making a simple phone call. Here is a list of some of the symptoms of anxiety that can help you see how many of these symptoms you might have. Keep in mind, there are lots of ways to help reduce generalized anxiety.

Do you have the symptoms of generalized anxiety? find out below.

Give your self 1 point for every one of the following symptoms you have:






racing thoughts or unwanted thoughts


excessive worry


feeling of impending doom


poor concentration

sensation of an abnormal



tightness in chest

Ok. Have you note down what symptoms you have? give 1 point for all, see result and solution for Anxiety


2-5 Points – Possible Generalized Anxiety – Try some stress reducing activities like: Pursuing an enjoyable activity or verbalizing frustration. Relaxation techniques: Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, rhythmic exercise. Make sure you’re eating healthy. Diet can play a huge role in mood and one’s ability to deal with stress.

6+ Points – Moderate to Severe Anxiety – In addition to the relaxation helps listed above consider getting professional help. A counselor or therapist can help identify troubling circumstances or thought patterns that could be leading to anxiety.

Note: This is an estimate based on responses and not to be considered an official medical diagnosis.

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